Thursday 7 December 2023
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Welcome to Diagnostic Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.   Welcome to Diagnostic Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Clinical Diagnostics


Clinical Diagnostic Testing Products
For research, development, and manufacture of unmatched diagnostic reagents, supplies, and instruments to determine disease markers or analytes of diagnostics interest. Provide high-quality solutions to help clinical laboratories increase efficiency, work flow and improved safety levels.

ThermoFisher TCAutomation
ThermoFisher TC Automation designs and manufacturers fully open concept and flexible modular laboratory automation systems that helps customers to manage increasing laboratory workloads, improve turn around time and ensure greater safety and quality in clinical diagnostic laboratories.

ThermoFisher Trace
A comprehensive range of powder and liquid stable reagents, and applications for most chemistry analyzers. The point-of-care controls can be used for near patient testing in hospitals and physician offices. Also available are urinalysis, hemoglobin and occult blood controls.

ThermoFisher Konelab
ThermoFisher designs and manufacturers Konelab ranges of clinical chemistry analyzers as part of an integrated analytical and automation solution for clinical laboratories.

ThermoFisher MAS Quality Controls
ThermoFisher MAS quality controls offers comprehensive quality controls material for clinical chemistries, special chemistries, urine chemistries, immunoassay,  diabetic monitoring, drugs of abuse and therapeutic drugs monitoring.

ThermoFisher Microgenics
ThermoFisher is the world’s leading brand in drugs of abuse screening assays, therapeutic drugs monitoring assays and immuno suppressant drugs monitoring assays.


ARKRAY manufactures high throughputs systems for diabetes testing, in particular  HbA1c testing and thalassemmia analysis. The company also produces automated urine analysis systems.


DiaSorin Group develops, produces, and distributes immuno reagent kits both in RIA and ELISA for clinical diagnostics and animal research. They have developed many innovative solutions including vitamin D kits which is the industry standard currently.